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Amazing Read!

Paper Towns - John Green

Ok so this is officially my second favorite book of John Green's now, right behind The Fault In Our Stars.


I loved everything about this book from the characters, to the writing. The writing was so beautiful and kept me enthralled throughout the entire book. I loved that this book was a contemporary as well as a mystery. The mystery in this book was about trying to find Margo, a girl who has run away from home. She leaves behind clues for her next door neighbor, a boy named Quentin, who she also grew up with. What I liked most about this mystery is that the reader cannot figure out where she actually is just like the characters in the book. When Quentin finds out where she is, we as readers find out as well. Its awesome.


Besides the mystery throughout the book, we are also learning more about Quentin and Margo and all their other friends. One of my favorite things about this book is the references about seeing someone through a mirror instead of a window. That is so powerful to me and you will understand it more when you read the book.


I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who needs a good contemporary in their life because this is a perfect book for the job.