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Destined (House of Night)

Destined  - P.C. Cast, Kristin Cast So this is the 9th book in the House of Night series...

Personally, I believe that this series has gone on long enough but I still think the books are good.

Destined starts off with Zoey and her friends heading back to the House of Night to start school again. And of course, once there, drama starts to unfold everywhere.

The book is narrated through several characters points of view, including a new character named Aurox.

Aurox works for Neferet. He takes in the emotions around him because he doesnt have any of his own. In doing so, he starts to transform into a raging bull....

Zoey feels like she knows him from somewhere and he even does things that remind her of a certain someone....

I'm getting bored with writing the plot so imma just finish up by saying that I am actually kinda excited for the next installment even though I said above that its been going on for too long... but yeah it left me in tears and... not really a cliffhanger but something big happened at the end that made me squeal with happiness haha. Anyway, Happy Reading!