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Running on the Cracks

Running on the Cracks - Julia Donaldson I thought this book could have had a little more depth to it seeing as the story is actually a pretty big deal in the real world but it was still ok.

The main character Leo has lost both her parents in a tragic plane crash and begin living with her aunt and uncle and their two kids. She runs away when she finds out that her uncle has been watching her as she sleeps.

(The uncle is really creepy and talks to his pet birds about how he never touched the girls...he is a pedophile O.o)

Leo goes in search of her grandparents so she can stay with them and instead she meets other family members and friends that help her alone the way. The story ends on a good note atleast which I liked but the story was still a bit dull to me.

I recommend to people who like middle-grade novels.

Thanks and Happy Reading! :)