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All You Never Wanted

All You Never Wanted - Adele Griffin It's very hard to express my thoughts on this book without giving much away.

I will start off by saying that from the synopsis, I thought this book was going to be about the younger sister, Thea, trying to steal Alex's, her big sister's, boyfriend named Joshua.

Well it did involve that but there was alot more to the story than that and to be honest, I don't think the story was that great.

At the beginning, I really enjoyed the story. Alex having problems and Thea trying to deal with everyone talking about her and her sister. Real life problems you know?

Then I found our why Alex has been having issues and why she never told anyone about what happened to her at her magazine internship...

Her issue was ridiculous in my opinion...I won't say what the issue was but I will say that yes it had to be very embarrassing but did she really have to have a major melt down about it!?

Now on to Thea. Thea used to be very smart and a huge bookworm until she wanted everything her sister had. I found her to be such a brat and very annoying. Plus she was in love with Alex's boyfriend Joshua...

How could either of them love Joshua?

He is a drug dealer for god's sake! Plus he has abusive tendencies!

Even if he didn't have those faults it seemed like Alex didn't care at all that her sister was trying to steal her boyfriend!

Anyway...I am ranting...

My thoughts. The book-ended pretty abruptly. Thea was annoying. Joshua was...well Joshua. Alex had issues but then fell for another guy so she cheated on Joshua who actually cheated on her with Thea...hmm what?

Overall- 2.5-5 stars

These are just my opinions. Read it and let me know yours.

Thank you and Happy Reading!