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Wither (Chemical Garden)

Wither (Chemical Garden) - Lauren DeStefano Lets just say that this book isnt for everyone. I've seen mostly bad reviews for it, but I actually liked it. This book really took me by the hands and pulled me into a world where I would NOT want to live in but a world in which my emotions were flying in a lot of different directions. That is what I like in a book.

The main character is a 16 year old girl named Rhine who is kidnapped and taken to be married off to a 21 year old named Linden, who not only has her as a wife but also 2 others.

Rhine lives in a world where a virus kills girls when they are 20 and boys when they are 25. So to keep the human race alive, girls are taken against their will to be married off to rich men.

When Rhine was taken, she left behind her twin brother Rowan. The whole time she was with Linden, Rhine could only think of escaping to find her brother again. (I would personally do that too seeing as I am also a twin and would die without my sister).

Rhine becomes confused when she starts to care for her sister wives AND Linden.

And also Gabriel, the servent.

This book may not have been full of action or even romance, but it did keep me on my toes. Sometimes I couldnt even predict what was going to happen. It had me crying one moment and screaming the next. (yes I do scream at characters when they make me mad :P)

I dont really know how to end this review so... Happy Reading :D