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The Cardturner

The Cardturner - Louis Sachar I loved this book! It was very humorous and the style of writing was wonderful.

The book is narrated by the main character Alton Richards. His great-uncle is blind and very sick but still plays the card game bridge. However he can't see the cards so he asks Alton to be his cardturner.

Lester (the great-uncle)isn't a very friendly person. He hardly ever compliments people and always makes fun of Alton but he has a reason (which you will find out when you read the book).

Slowly, Alton learns to play bridge and starts to work out a few things in his life, like meeting a very pretty girl ;)

I thought this book was very good but it might not be for everyone. Be warned that there are a lot of rules and strategies talked about in the book having to do with bridge. It might get boring for some people.

Thanks and happy reading!