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The Revenge of the Shadow King (Grey Griffins #1)

The Revenge of the Shadow King - Derek Benz, J.S. Lewis I mainly picked this book up because it was only 5 bucks at a local store and the cover art is fantastic, but I normally do not read middle grade novels.

When reading this book, I had to keep in mind that it was aimed at a younger audience. Maybe thats why it had some pretty obvious and pathetic lines.

Still, for a middle grade novel, I thought it was well done and enjoyable. The four main characters, Max, Natalia, Ernie, and Harley are apart of a club known as The Grey Griffins. They are just normal 11 year old kids (or so they thought) who like to play a card game called Round Table.

Max ends up being a descendent of King Arthur and the Guardian of a book called the Codex Spiritus.

Soon the fairies in the card game and book start to come alive and Max and the Grey Griffins must defeat the evil Shadow King and stop the Black Witch from stealing the Codex.

This book was full of adventure and riddles. It was a good read but defiantly more for younger kids. I still enjoyed it though.

I guess I'm still a kid at heart haha.

Anyway thanks and Happy Reading! :D