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Night Walkers

Nightwalkers - Keith Kekic Let me start by saying that I was not disappointed by this book at all. It was a mix between a horror story, a mystery, and a dark love story.

It starts off with a boy who's life is really messed up, a boy whom we never learn the name of. He meets a girl named Chloe while walking around his town at night and falls in love with her immediately. And no wonder, she is drop-dead gorgeous...


Chloe invites the unnamed narrator into a group called the Nightwalkers. The Nightwalkers walk around at night trying to keep control of their turf and protect it from Legion, their rivals. To do so, they would even kill.

Some parts in this book got a little bloody but it was still a very enjoyable book. The characters are easy to relate to in a way and I love that about books.

I would really recommend checking this book out.

Thanks and Happy Reading!