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Girl With Glass Feet

Girl with Glass Feet - Ali Shaw Beautiful. Intriguing. Well written. Heart wrenching.

These are just some of the words and phrases that come to my mind when I think out this book.

The story takes place in the winter on the archipelago of St. Hauda's Land. It follows the story of Midas Crook, a loner who prefers the company of his camera rather than an actual person, and Ida Maclaird, a girl who is slowly turning into glass.

Ida has visited the island before and only returned when she noticed her feet turning into glass. That was when she met Midas.

Throughout the story, Midas slowly starts to fall in love with Ida and begins to help her on her quest to find a cure to her glass feet.

Their relationship was so pure and beautiful that it tugged at my heart and had me rooting for them the entire time.

Not only does this book follow these two lovely characters, it also follows the generations that came before them including Ida's mother, her father, Midas' father and many more. All these little stories mixed in with the main one helped myself as a reader, to better understand where the characters were coming from.

Towards the end I knew what was going to happen and I immediately started crying. Midas finally falls in love with a girl he can tell anything to...and just like that she is gone.

It was such a sad beautiful tale of love and hardship that I would recommend it to anyone. It is by far one of my favorites books of the year.

Thanks and Happy Reading :)